M.A.D is the founder and creator of Pronoia.Africa, Conspiring to help Africa

He was born in the ’80s, grew up in the ’90s, and started real life in the early 2000s.

Went to this college called Concept Interactive, and taught him Adobe Sweet and how to become a website designer.

His first job was at Laragh Courseware building e-learning templates in Flash (now known as Adobe Animate CC) Started working at Met04 Interactive, Under a MAD Creative Genius named Justin Bradbury, which was a rollercoaster of anarchy, art, and design and he could say it made him the designer artist he is today. He eventually left Cape Town and started working at Rat Race Media in Stellenbosch, where he filmed and edited Inflatable Boat Racing, four-by-four races, and western pleasure horse shows. He moved back to CPT and started working at Shamanic Organic Production they working on the award-winning Hip Hop documentary called Hip Hop Revolution, His role in the production was offline editing and motion graphics. His next job was at Love Friday where he did weekly infographics for a kid show called Hectic99, he evenly did the intro graphics and TV Ident for the show and another show called TMS – Tell Me Something. During that time he was in a Hip Hop crew called The Realist, they were signed to an international label called Muti Music.

He started working at an award-winning company called Silver Bullet Productions.

Was not too long before he got a better offer from Mortimer Harvey an ad agency from Johannesburg, he started working there and on May 13th, 2013 he was in a car accident.

He survived but lost the use of his right hand and walked with a severe limp due to the fact that he was paralyzed from the right side down. He focuses his time and energy on helping musicians out with his brand Pronoia.Africa by creating compulsion ( mix tapes) of various musicians and music videos with tracks he feels connected to.