Covid-19 in CPT

So __m.a.d____ came down to Cape Town from Johannesburg early in 2020 just for a visit, before the pandemic hit South Africa. While he was down in CPT the pandemic hit SA and they were in a heavy lock down and he couldn't go back to up to Joburg, so he decided to stay in Cape Town for the rest of 2020 and the most of 2021. These are the photos he took with his phone....     


Thy started with this stop frame at 12 in the evening and finish 6 the next morning, 1012 photos and one bottle of gin later and this is the outcome of them having the most fun and you can see it in the video. Have a look

Merciless Midus – Behind Iron Bars

So we lost a Ronin Gimbal stabilizer and a green screen and lights and the list go on......... but m.a.d theory to life is never stand still always move forward. So he didn't have enough money to go buy another Ronin S, instead a coped him self Ronin Mobile, the OM4 and started from scratch again and shot this entire music video on his Iphone and stock footage from StoryBlocks. This is the end result - Merciless Midus - Behind Iron Bars, hope you like.

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