Crazy Mashups
of Objects and Animals

Les Créatonautes is a French communication agency. Their speciality is pop culture. They transforms with an incredible talent, daily objects into surreal compositions and animals into dreamy creatures.

Elephant Street-Art

Street Art that interacts with the surrounding elements, delivers a beautiful message of hope. The artist Falko decided to represent elephants in the four corner of the country, from the fronthouse or a dumpster, interfering with people, nature and even the faraway architecture, depending the angle you see it. Photographer Luke Daniel has taken photographs of these positive elephants, to discover.

Dimensional Murals by Peeta

Peeta is a street artist from Italy who revolutionizes graffiti by giving a new volume to the surface he works. He paints abstract shapes like cubes or cylinders that give the impression of being detached from the wall thanks to his work on 3D lettering. We can find these different works around the world in China, Spain, Italy or the in United States.

More works, on Peeta’s Instagram.

3D Funny Hip-Hop Characters

Graphic design studio Foreal imagined a series of funny 3D characters : les Frizzees. These little funny characters are inspired by the Hip-Hop culture. The hairstyles and different styles show several periods and several rappers.

Hip Hop Icons Stamps

The artist Mark Culmer has developed a series of stamps featuring portraits of America’s greatest rappers, annotated by their initials. J Dilla, Notorious BIG or 2Pac are to be discovered through monochromatic stamps which are available online via Madina website

The Rise of Hip Hop Photography

Native from Bronx where she grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, Lisa Leone has been surrounded by the hip-hop rise community. With her passion for photography, the woman began to capture portraits of men and women who today are hip-hop iconic musicians. This touching series is actually the subject of an exhibition The Bronx Museum of the Arts till 11st of January. To discover.

Breakdance Light Painting

Polish photographer Joanna Jaskólska gives us great shots mixing breakdance and light painting. Energizing and magnifying the movements of the dancers, a selection of images are to be discovered in the article.

Hip Hop Blending
Renaissance Art

Kehinde Wiley Kehinde Wiley is a painter based in New York. As the contemporary descendent of a long line of portraitists, he appropriates the signs and visual rhetoric of the heroic that he integrates in black urban youth representations : power, opulence, majestic and sublime associate with the dress codes of hip-hop.

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