The Realist…

The Realist Story

So The Realist was formed in the mid-2000s with MAD and Denis, it was not completed yet cause MAD had this idea of having one Producer that’s part of the crew, he comes on stage with you to perform. So MAD met Greg through motion graphic works and one day had to go drop off some work at Greg’s house. MAD saw he had a professional studio at his house and went into hustle mode and offered Greg to do him a showreel for 2 tracks and that was the start of 5 and a half steps.

The Realist got formed after the recording of 5 and a half steps feat Ben Sharpa. It consisted of Denis Leach, AKA as Kid Clever the boy genius, he handled us to get known in the streets, before you could become an internet rapper, you had to get some recognition in the streets. Greg Reve, AKA as Triplet Of Bellville, T.O.B the serrated symphony, was the mastermind behind are one of kind sound. (that’s why MAD wanted one producer to have a style in sound and design) and MAD, AKA as Sinister Dexter the demonic storyteller, was the style, design, and look&feel behind The Realist. They got a lot of stuff done with one EP out. The EP got released under, Muti Music an international record label, and got its feature on TV shows and magazines.

On this clip The Realist got played on the international TV show ‘Criminal Minds’  Thy used MAD’s verse from the track His Hypocritical Ways

The Realist got featured on the show Mzansi Rides hosted by Ready D on Channel O, a South African music Channel.

Them just having some fun after practice

Logo Design MAD did

Cover Shoot for the EP Hate Speech

Photo shoot for the single release, Decay in Daisies

The following photos is of MAD and his crew.

WEB video MAD made for The Realist