Nopi – Spin Me Around
prod. Sloani

Have you ever been so in love, you feel completely alone in a room full of people, that's the backdrop of Pronoia's first music video of 2018 performed by the amazing kick ass Nopi - keep your ear on the ground for this girl: she is blessed with an amazing voice and that's the reason…

Unofficial Oppikoppi
After Movie 2017

M.A.D and a hole bunch of people went to Oppikoppi 2017 with SkaapKop Collective to shoot the after movie, thy never came back to SkaapKop Collective to use it as the official after movie so Pronoia.Africa claimed it as there unofficial after movie. Just to be clear thy rocket up there with no accommodation, no…

Spindle Feat.

So M.A.D and Ntokozo had a dope time at the Spindle Event, just when you think old school Hip Hop party’s are dead Spindle has blessed us with the old school and mix up of genres with that good scratch DJ feel. They had a line up that killed and b-boys breaking it down on the…

Pronoia – 7766642

We couldn't have ask for a better tape with the launch of our site, BIG UP to Projekta for  linking us with the most DOPEST artist on the tape from all over Africa. Have a listen and enjoy

DertyKids New Years

So M.A.D (Mark Anthony Duckitt) spent 2017-2018 New Years with the rap duo the DertyKids at Rezonance festival, throws that don't know Rez Fest is trance festival. So I know I got you wondering what is a bunch of Hip Hop heads doing at a trance festival, they worked the door with Captn Chris and…

Leningrad ft. Gluk’oZа
(ft. ST) Ju-Ju

Leningrad’s new clip sees Naishuller’s trademark run-and-gun action style translated into animated form as bloody, jealous battles ensue in a bid to gain control over wealth as the anime characters fly across the screen wrapped in epic kung fu-style struggles.


Born Maya Arulpragasam, the musician and activist best known for songs like “Paper Planes” and “Bad Girls” has courted acclaim and controversy in nearly equal measure over the last 10 years. It opens with the ever-catchy hook from “Paper Planes” before showing glimpses of M.I.A.’s earlier, more troubled days as a refugee from the Sri…