Lex LaFoy – Good Good

From a one take video idea to what we about show you.
LEX LAFOY Good Good music video was an awesome shoot, we had so much fun doing it. Hope you guys have fun watching it, ENJOY.


We followed the story of SLEGE LEE becoming DICE MAK and then finally reaching his full artist evolution as SELEMA WRITES. Pronoia.Africa proudly presents this banger called TOOTHACHE which is a remix of a song by UK Grime artist Jaykae. The video was shot in one take and reveals Selema Writes to the world as he tells his story.<br>


Performed by Selema Writes
Julian Jjh – Videographer
Tazna Slater Selema Writes – Director
Yasser Auditoré Baulacky – Photographer
Creative Director, Editor – Mark Anthony Duckitt
Song producer: Thomas Mellor


Kriss Anti B- Clark Kent – Prod – Klumsy Phill

Pretoria Based Producer Klumsy Phill is a Beatwarehouse Radio founder and producer. Having recently dropped two vinyl projects Klumsy Phill is working on an EP with Renowned Battle emcee Kriss AntiB on vinyl. The two recently shot the video and recorded the track to their latest works on the very first day of meeting with the Pronoia.Africa team at Mom’s House.

With close attention to bass, his style of chopping and arranging, his choice of drums, Klumsy comes with an aggressive feel to Lo-fi hip hop and that OG flavour of mind grabbing boom bap that allows you to enjoy the producer and the emcee at the same time.

Nopi – Spin Me Around
prod. Sloani

Have you ever been so in love, you feel completely alone in a room full of people, that’s the backdrop of Pronoia’s first music video of 2018 performed by the amazing kick ass Nopi – keep your ear on the ground for this girl: she is blessed with an amazing voice and that’s the reason why M.A.D couldn’t pass the opportunity to do a music video with such a talented young lady.




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