Lomography – FishEye

I Just Love The Perspective

I just love the way the fisheye captures photos, especially on a film camera cause there are no retakes, and get to see all your photos after development. Some are good, some are not so good, and some just freaking amazing. Found these photos that I took a while ago on my Lomography Fisheye film camera.

Covid-19 in CPT


Spindle Feat.

So M.A.D and Ntokozo had a dope time at the Spindle Event, just when you think old school Hip Hop parties are dead Spindle has blessed us with the old-school mix-up of genres with that good scratch DJ feel. They had a lineup that killed b-boys breaking it down on the dance floor. Boogie Blind banged his set hard, what more can you expect from a X-ecutioners from New York? Boogie Blind is an official remembrance of the Spindle Crew alongside Tha Cutt and a list of other really dope South African DJs.

Boogie Blind is one of the most respected and trusted DJs in the industry. This 2001 Vestax World Champion embodies the phrase “turntablist” and “DJ” in every sense, he’s been Djing since he was 5 years old. Blind is also a member of the legendary X–Ecutioners, a tight-knit crew of DJs known around the world for their turntablist skills.

SPINDLE/SPINDLE MAG DJ Video Magazine showcasing DJ from the clubs, turntablists, scratchers, beatjuggling, producers, performers, and bedroom DJs. Everything and Anything from the DJ/Producer life and its sub-cultures. SPINDLE CREW A South African DJ collective consisting of Tha Cutt, Hamma, Boogie Blind, Soosh, Tha Cutt, White Nite, Klinikal, Nastie Ed & the Alvhinator. The style of the Spindle Crew is to keep elements of the turntablist/vinyl DJ culture alive. The Spindle Crew can rock on any type of DJ equipment, that is presented to them. Turntables are the first priority. The music the Spindle Crew plays is across the board of Genres. In the true style of open format. Breaks, Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, RnB, Drum and Bass, Moombathon, Trap, Future Beats, Instrumental, Trip Hop, House, Electro House, Kwatio, Afro, and even Qgom.

Peep the 2014 tour:

DertyKids New Years

So M.A.D (Mark Anthony Duckitt) spent the 2017-2018 New Year with the rap duo the DertyKids at Rezonance festival, throws that don’t know Rez Fest is a trance festival. So I know I got you wondering what is a bunch of Hip Hop heads doing at a trance festival, they worked the door with Captn Chris and M.A.D tagged along for the epic adventure and took some awesome photos.